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Andino IO

Andino IO with Raspberry Pi on a DIN-Rail
opened Andino IO with Raspberry Pi on a DIN-Rail


The Andino IO, like its little brother, is the Andino X1, a motherboard for the Raspberry Pi. It allows mounting on a DIN rail in the control cabinet. The Andino IO is great for applications in data acquisition in the field e.g.

  • production machines
  • Energy data monitoring
  • Capture environmental data Interface conversions

By the use of an LoraWAN, an 2G or an 4G Modem it is well suited for the data collection in the field!

Key Features

  • DIN rail housing 9 units, TS35, DIN DIN EN 43880
  • Integrated Raspberry Pi 3 B+
  • Power supply 9V – 30V DC
  • 6 Digital In – isolated 5kV
  • 3 Relay out, 240V 5A
  • CAN Bus
  • RS232
  • RS485 (with auto transmitter on) / RS422
  • OLED Display (128×64)
  • Power Fail Input (for Andino UPS)
  • Optional available:
    • integrated Lora WAN Modem
    • integrated 2G / EDGE Modem
    • integrated LTE Narrow Band (Q1/2019)

Key Features and technical details
Raspberry Pi Communication
construction diagram Andino IO

Andino Lora comes with:Lora Interface based on Microchip RN2483A2G / EDGE Module based on SIM800LLTE Full Band Modem based on SIM7600E (Q1/2019)

Modem for Andino IO with antenna
Modem and Andino IO
Modem and Andino IO

The RS485 interface can be used as 2 wire or 4 wire (RS422) bus.

The Transmitter can be enabled by RTS or automatically which makes the software site a lot easier.

RS485 interface

Tests and Standards

Tested EMC Standards

The Andino X2 was tested for its electromagnetic compatibility (EMV) together with a Raspberry Pi in its DIN rail housing.

The tests were based on the immunity to electrostatic discharge, high-frequency electromagnetic fields, fast transient electrical disturbances (burst), impulse voltages, conducted disturbances – induced by high-frequency fields and magnetic fields with energy-related frequencies.

The Andino X1 has mastered these tests not only with flying colors, but also meets the more stringent limits. This underlines its industrial suitability and brings the Raspberry Pi into the industrial environment.

The tested standards in detail

Radiated field strength / conducted emissions DIN EN 55022: 2011 according to VDE 0875 part 22 of 12.2011 Emitted interference: Class B (residential area) (tighter limits) Immunity: class A (industrial area). (Higher irradiance)

Immunity ESD DIN EN 61000-4-2: 2009 according to VDE 0847 part 4-2 of 12.2009

Immunity radiated electromagnetic fields DIN EN 61000-4-3: 2006+A1:2008+ A2: 2010 according to VDE 0847 part 4-3 of 04.2011

Immunity Burst DIN EN 61000-4-4: 2012 according to VDE 0847 part 4-4 of 04.2013

Immunity Surge DIN EN 61000-4-5: 1995 +A1: 2014 according to VDE 0847 part 4-5 of 03.2015

Immunity high frequent uncoupled emission DIN EN 61000-4-6: 2014 according to VDE 0847 part 4-6 of 08.2014

Immunity magnetic fields DIN EN 61000-4-8: 2010 according to VDE 0847 part 4-8 of 11.2010

Technical infos and downloads on GitHub