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Andino UPS

uniterruptable power supply (USV)
uninterruptable Power supply in the control cabinet


The Andino UPS is an uninterruptible power supply that bridges short-term voltage dips. The goal is to allow a controlled shutdown of controls to prevent data loss. This allows, for example, databases and applications to be closed or file systems synchronized. By dispensing with batteries, the Andino UPS 100% maintenance-free – and that for years. UPSs based on lead batteries show their unreliability, especially in the case of cases. Andino UPS guarantees its performance even after many years of running time. Andino UPS operates with 24 volts at the input and output. Thus, lossy converters are unnecessary.

The Andino UPS offers the following advantages:

  • Allows the controlled shutdown of industrial controls and single board computers such as the Andino X1, Raspberry Pi.
  • Operates with 24 V as input and output voltage.
  • Mounting in control cabinet on DIN rail.
  • No external batteries required.
  • Power Fail Signal. As TTL and falling relay.
  • Internal status readable via UART Interface (TTL to USB)

Key Features

Intelligent Power Control

Andino UPS informs the client to shut down after the good threshold has fallen below.

Andino UPS are able to control a power return after the Shutdown signal was given to the client.

Intelligent Power Control diagram
Intelligent Power Control Diagramm

Life expectancy

The life expectancy of the used memory is strongly dependent on the ambient temperature. At 43 degrees, the memory loses 30% of its capacity after about 7 years.

Life expectancy

24 Volt In- and Output

The Andino UPS has a 24V DC voltage input with reverse polarity protection. The integrated EMC protection circuits protect the following hardware from voltage surges and current surges on the supply line. A buffer power of 10W is available for 40 seconds, sufficient time for a controlled shutdown.


Andino UPS supports all compact computers with an input voltage of 24 V.

Power Down Signal

In the event of a voltage drop, the Andino UPS outputs a galvanically isolated signal. This can be used to control any actions that are necessary before the shutdown. Conventional cheap UPS offer only a USB interface.


The internal state of the UPS can be queried via i2c.

  • Charging status of the memories
  • Current measured capacity of memory
  • Current Voltage at the memories
  • temperature
  • ..and more.

Made in Germany

Designed, developed and manufactured in Germany.

Technical details and documentations

Arduino controller Communication

The open Firmware is formed as a state machine. It is bases on the Arduino IDE and can be found on GitHub.

Tests und Standards

Standards – EMC

The Andino UPS has been extensively tested for its electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

The tests were based on the immunity to electrostatic discharge, high-frequency electromagnetic fields, fast transient electrical disturbances (burst), impulse voltages, conducted disturbances – induced by high-frequency fields and magnetic fields with energy-related frequencies.

The EMC report can be found on GitHub

The tested standards in detail

DIN EN 55022: 2011 according to VDE 0875 part 22 of 12.2011

Störaussendung: Klasse B (Wohnbereich) (strengere Grenzwerte) Störfestigkeit: Klasse A (Industriebereich) herangezogen. (höhere Einstrahlung)

Immunity ESDDIN EN 61000-4-2: 2009 according to VDE 0847 part 4-2 of 12.2009

Immunity radiated electromagnetic fieldsDIN EN 61000-4-3: 2006+A1:2008+ A2: 2010 according to VDE 0847 part 4-3 of 04.2011

Immunity BurstDIN EN 61000-4-4: 2012 according to VDE 0847 part 4-4 of 04.2013

Immunity SurgeDIN EN 61000-4-5: 1995 +A1: 2014 according to VDE 0847 part 4-5 of 03.2015

Immunity high frequent uncoupled emissionDIN EN 61000-4-6: 2014 according to VDE 0847 part 4-6 of 08.2014

Immunity magnetic fieldsDIN EN 61000-4-8: 2010 according to VDE 0847 part 4-8 of 11.2010

Technical infos and downloads on GitHub