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Andino Gateway for Raspberry Pi with RS485 + PCIe for 4G Modem or LoRa Concentrator

from 136.00 €


Andino Gateway - Raspberry Pi + RS485 + PCIe Slot

The Andino Gateway is a compact industrial computer based on the Raspberry Pi. It has a PCIe slot to accommodate a 4G LTE modem or a LoRa gateway module (e.g. RAK2287 or RAK2247 gateway concentrator), an RJ45 port with Gigabit Ethernet and an isolated RS485 port and can be used for routing purposes as well as for direct communication with devices. In addition, the gateway has an Ethernet port / 10 MBit. Its robust housing and connectors, modular design, DIN rail mounting and open software standards base ensure smooth, low-maintenance operation in industrial environments. Depending on the configuration, the Andino Gateway contains a Raspberry Pi 4 or the Compute Module CM4, which provides sufficient power even for resource-intensive processes.

Feature mPCI-Interface

Take advantage of the standard integrated mPCI-E slot. You have the possibility to use a 4G modem / LoRa Wan network module in your Andino gateway. This increases the range of applications immensely. Thus, among other things, control tasks can be performed at

  • Data collection at remote locations
  • LoraWAN data collector
  • LoraWAN nodes
  • Modbus nodes via RS485

When using a 4G modem, a SIM card is required. This is not included in the scope of delivery.

Hardware specifications

  • Internal PCIe slot to accommodate USB-enabled cards
  • 24V DC or 100-240V AC power input
  • Isolated RS485 for e.g. Modbus
  • Second Ethernet interface (10MBit) (optional)
  • RTC (internal via I2C)
  • SIM card slot (accessible without housing opening)
  • SMA antenna connector (accessible from outside, internal IPEX)
  • Factory Default Button (via paper clip)
  • OLED display in lid (128 x 64 pixels via I2C)


  • Full support of 4G modem in Raspberry Pi OS
  • Supports LoRa WAN gateway from RAK
    • Wireless https://store.rakwireless.com/collections/lpwan-gateways-concentrators
  • Protection of the GPIO of the Raspberry Pi
  • Custom developed software for easy setup of different usage scenarios
  • Based on open software standards

The variants with the Andino CM4 board also include:

This allows the Compute Module to be adapted to the same form factor as the Raspberry Pi 4, making it compatible with our other Andino products. In addition, an SSD can be connected via the board's PCIe X1 interface - enabling significantly higher performance and longevity for applications such as databases and more. The included Samsung 970EVOPlus is ideal for these purposes.

The variants with the SHCHV CM4 IO board also include:

This board also allows an adaptation of the CM4 to the Raspberry Pi 4 form factor, but no SSD can be connected here. But the board offers additional IO options - the same as the Raspberry Pi 4.


  • SIMcom SIM7600E
  • 10MBit Ethernet

By means of the 4G SIM7600E you have the possibility to access your Andino Gateway remotely. So you have access to your system at any time. No matter how far your machine is located on your site, with this module you can access it by hand.

  • Temperature range from -40°C - 85°C
  • Wide range of mobile frequencies LTE/HSPA+/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS

For more details and setup documentation, see here