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Andino XIO - Industrial PC with Raspberry 4 / CM4, 6 DI + 6 Relais, RTC

from 136.00 €


Andino XIO - Industrie PC mit Raspberry 4 / CM4, 6 DI + 6 Relais, RTC

The Andino XIO is an industrial PC based on the Raspberry Pi. It has 6 digital inputs and 6 relay outputs connected to separable connectors. In combination with the robust housing and DIN rail mounting, the device is ideal for operation in industrial environments.

The Andino XIO offers the following advantages

  • The sensitive GPIO of the Raspberry Pi are protected.
  • Separable connection terminals
  • Actuators and sensors can be connected to the Raspberry Pi in an electrically secured manner.
  • It provides an industrial grade power supply for the Raspberry Pi.
  • Provides DIN rail mounting (TS35) for installation in distribution boards.
  • The digital inputs and the relay outputs can be read and switched directly from the Raspberry Pi using GPIO.
  • Programming in different languages possible: Python, .Net Core, Node-Red
  • HDMI and Sound are accessible from the side of the housing
  • Open source security: being based on the Raspberry Pi platform, Andino devices benefit from the large community and open source nature of this platform. This leads to faster bug fixing and provides some security through transparency and control.

The variants with the Andino CM4 board also include:

This allows the Compute Module to be adapted to the same form factor as the Raspberry Pi 4, making it compatible with our other Andino products. In addition, an SSD can be connected via the board's PCIe X1 interface - enabling significantly higher performance and longevity for applications such as databases and more. The included Samsung 970EVOPlus is ideal for these purposes.

The variants with the SHCHV CM4 IO board also include:

This board also allows an adaptation of the CM4 to the Raspberry Pi 4 form factor, but no SSD can be connected here. But the board offers additional IO options - the same as the Raspberry Pi 4.

Additional product information

  • Power: 9V to 30V DC, 1.5 Amps
  • CPU: Raspberry Pi4 or CM4
  • Input: 6 * Digital In - isolated 5kV
  • Output: 6 * Relay 240V 5A
  • Connectivity: Ethernet 1000Mbit,
  • 2 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0,
  • WIFI 2.4GHz
  • OLED 0,96 inch, 128 x 64 pixel,
  • RTC DS3231, I2C
  • Temperature +5C - +50C
  • Housing 9DB DIN Rail, DIN EN 43880

Inputs: GPIO6, GPIO13, GPIO19, GPIO26, GPIO21, GPIO20

Relay: GPIO24, GPIO25, GPIO8, GPIO7, GPIO12, GPIO16

Please note that the device is delivered without the I2C expander!

Housing size:

Length 160 mm (9 TE)

width 91 mm

Height 58 mm

For more details and setup documentation, see here