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Andino X1 RS232 - Industrial PC with Raspberry Pi 4 / CM4+, dual Channel RS232, Heatsink and RTC

from 165.00 €


Industrial PC Andino X1 Pico with Raspberry Pi 4 / CM4, dual Channel RS 232, Heatsink and RTC

Combines Raspberry Pi 4 / CM4 with an RP2040 for real-time preprocessing

The Andino X1 is a compact industrial PC based on the Raspberry Pi. With its DIN rail mounting, this device can be seamlessly integrated into any control cabinet. The motherboard is designed to adapt digital inputs and outputs for a maximum voltage of 24 volts, and it features an integrated power supply for the Raspberry Pi (12V-30V DC). Additionally, the Raspberry Pi is safeguarded against voltage spikes and current surges on the power line through EMC protection circuits.

The X1's Arduino-compatible microcontroller, the Raspberry Pi PICO RP2040, comes with built-in signal preprocessing, allowing for easy adaptation of signal generators and actuators. Communication between the microcontroller and the Pi is facilitated via the UART interface. The pre-installed firmware on the Pico detects changes in the digital inputs, performs debouncing, and keeps count of the inputs. Communication with the Raspberry Pi is established using a simple ASCII protocol.

The X1 is supplied with either a Raspberry Pi 4 or the CM4 board, along with the necessary adapter.

Equipped with:

  • Raspberry Pi in a DIN rail housing
  • Combines RP2040 (Pico) and Raspberry
  • Pi RP2040 Programmable with Arduino IDE
  • 24 Volt Powersupply (+5 Volt, 3,5 Ampere)
  • 2 digital inputs and two relay outputs
  • Heatsink and RTC
  • dual Channel RS232

The variants with the Andino CM4 board also include:

This allows the Compute Module to be adapted to the same form factor as the Raspberry Pi 4, making it compatible with our other Andino products. In addition, an SSD can be connected via the board's PCIe X1 interface - enabling significantly higher performance and longevity for applications such as databases and more. The included Samsung 970EVOPlus is ideal for these purposes.

The variants with the SHCHV CM4 IO board also include:

This board also allows an adaptation of the CM4 to the Raspberry Pi 4 form factor, but no SSD can be connected here. But the board offers additional IO options - the same as the Raspberry Pi 4.

Advantages of the X1:

  • The sensitive GPIO of the Raspberry Pi is protected.
  • Fast signals can be precisely detected by the upstream microcontroller.
  • Actuators and sensors can be electrically connected to the Raspberry Pi.
  • It provides an industrial power supply for the Raspberry Pi.
  • Customized adapters from the Raspberry Pi GPIO or the microcontroller IO can be electrically protected on terminals.
  • Expandable via SPI or I2C, both from thr Raspberry Pi and from the Arduino controller.
  • Provides mounting on a DIN Rail / mounting Rail (TS35) for installation in manifolds.

The Raspberry Pico can optionally be addressed via the RS232 / USB interface.

Optionally, this can be switched via the software.

A standard firmware that allows access to all inputs and outputs of the board is already pre-installed. The easy programming by means of the Arduino IDE also allows fast development cycles.

The extensive libraries of the Arduino community can be used.

Device features:

Length 106 mm (6 TE)

Width 91 mm

Height 58 mm

Weight: 250 g

More information and downloads:

Andino X1 - Overview & Datasheet

Datasheet - Andino X1 Pico RS232.pdf

Andino X1 - CE certificate

Andino X1 - EMC report

Andino X1 - ROHS report

For more information and setup documentation click here