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  • We are currently on vacation. Orders will be shipped from 2.9.2019.

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Andino Hardware Products

Andino X1

The Andino X1 is a microcontroller board in a DIN rail housing. It is used to adapt digital inputs and outputs for a maximum voltage of 24 volts. The X1 has its own microcontroller, a signal preprocessing and adaptation of signal generators and actuators. Optionally, a Raspberry Pi (Model B) computer board can be plugged in. The communication between the microcontroller and the Pi takes place via the UART interface.

Andino IO

The Andino IO is a motherboard in a DIN rail housing. It supports, like the X1 and X2, the Raspberry Pi 3B +. All sensors IO and interfaces are EMC-protected and suitable for reliable use in an industrial environment. Extensive tests have confirmed this. Optional WAN interfaces of the Andino IO are: Lora WAN modem (microchip RN2483), optional 2G / Edge (available), optional 4G modem

Andino USV

The Andino UPS is an uninterruptible power supply, which bridges short-term voltage dips. The goal is to allow a controlled shutdown of the controls to avoid data loss. This allows, for example, databases and applications to be closed or file systems to be synchronized. Andino UPS is 100% maintenance free. It works with 24 volts at the input and output.

Andino X2

The Andino X2 is a motherboard for the Raspberry Pi. It allows mounting on a DIN rail in the control cabinet. The X2 is ideal for data acquisition applications. The X2 contains both the Raspberry Pi 3 B + and an Arduino-compatible microcontroller (ATMega164P with 12 MHz). The microcontroller enables precise preprocessing of data and signals as well as the adaptation of hardware interfaces.


The DAQ-System from Clear Systems

The OEE-Box is an intelligent solution of hardware and software that enables you to cost-effectively make your processes transparent. With the OEE-Box you can determine your individual operating data and make your processes more efficient! The OEE-Box determines your stoppages, clock losses, quantities and order times. Based on this, the degree of utilization, the degree of quality and finally the OEE of the respective production plant can be determined. In the long term, not only can you monitor your machine performance and plant utilization. It can also detect sources of loss in your process or sustainably increase plant efficiency.