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Industrial PC for installation in the control cabinet - based on the Raspberry Pi

Andino X1

The Andino X1 revolutionizes industrial automation through the seamless integration of Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Pico technologies. This advanced industrial PC combines the robust performance of the Raspberry Pi with the sophisticated precision of the Raspberry Pi Pico for unparalleled signal processing. Designed for optimal adaptability, the compact Andino X1 allows for easy mounting on DIN rails and fits effortlessly into any control cabinet. The heart of this system is a specially developed motherboard that not only adapts digital inputs and outputs for voltages up to 24 volts but also provides an integrated power supply for the Raspberry Pi, supported by a flexible input voltage of 12V to 30V DC. With the built-in, Arduino-compatible microcontroller Raspberry Pi Pico (RP2040) of the X1, a highly efficient signal processing is achieved, while the seamless adaptation of signal transmitters and actuators ensures extended applicability. Communication between the microcontroller and the Raspberry Pi occurs over a reliable UART interface. Equipped with a Raspberry Pi 4B or the powerful Compute Module 4, the Andino X1 sets new standards in industrial automation with its impressive flexibility and performance.

Andino IO

The flagship model of the Andino product line sets new standards in industrial automation! With its powerful foundation, optionally equipped with a Raspberry Pi 4B or the Compute Module 4 (CM4), it offers a comprehensive range of interfaces specifically designed for the requirements of the industry. Each of these numerous interfaces is EMC-protected, making them ideally suited for reliable use under the demanding conditions of industrial environments. The device's reliability and efficiency have been confirmed through extensive testing.

Similar to its predecessor, the X1, this device features a DIN rail housing that allows for quick and easy installation in control cabinets.

The integrated interfaces include state-of-the-art technologies such as CAN bus, RS232, RS485, 230V relays, and isolated 24V inputs. An OLED display for showing the operating state enhances the user experience by providing a clear overview of the system's performance at all times.

For even greater flexibility in communication, the device offers optional WAN interfaces, including a Lora WAN modem (Microchip RN2483), a 4G modem (LTE) for unparalleled connectivity, and an additional Ethernet interface, opening up a wide range of application possibilities in various industrial scenarios.

Andino XIO

The Andino XIO redefines the class of compact industrial PCs by relying on the proven performance of the Raspberry Pi 4B or the Compute Module 4 (CM4) as its central processing unit (CPU). The choice of Raspberry Pi ensures a solid foundation thanks to its stable CPU and a widely supported operating system. This platform opens the door to a multitude of available software solutions, such as Node-Red or CODESYS, which enable quick and efficient project implementation.

With its six digital, galvanically isolated inputs and six high-performance relays (230V / 5A), the XIO is excellently equipped for demanding industrial applications. Its design features, including the ability to be mounted on a DIN rail, make it the ideal choice for use in control cabinets or electrical distributions in industrial environments.

The XIO's integrated OLED display stands out for its clear and direct presentation of important system information, simplifying the operation and monitoring of the device.

For enhanced connectivity options, the device offers the possibility to integrate optional WAN interfaces such as LoraWAN or an external 4G modem, significantly increasing networking capabilities and flexibility in various application scenarios.

Andino Gateway

The Andino Gateway represents an innovative solution in the field of industrial PCs, specifically designed to meet the demands of modern industrial communication networks. Based on the powerful and flexible Raspberry Pi platform, this industrial PC offers exceptional connectivity and adaptability for a wide range of applications.

One of the standout features of the Andino Gateway is its availability in two specialized versions: one variant with an integrated 4G modem and another with LoRa-WAN gateway functionality. This choice allows users to select the optimal connectivity solution for their specific requirements regarding data transmission and remote access, whether it's through the fast and widespread 4G mobile network or the energy-efficient, long-range communication designed LoRa-WAN.

In addition to these advanced wireless communication capabilities, the Andino Gateway features an isolated RS485 interface. This interface significantly expands its application possibilities by providing a robust, reliable connection to a variety of industrial sensors, actuators, and control devices. The isolation ensures additional safety and stability in electrically demanding environments, making the Andino Gateway the ideal choice for integration into existing industrial systems.

Designed as a bridge between local data collection and cloud-based data analysis, the Andino Gateway facilitates secure and efficient data transfer. This makes it an indispensable tool for Industry 4.0 applications, where monitoring, controlling, and optimizing processes in real time are essential.

Andino 4G / LTE Modem

The Andino 4G / LTE Modem provides a high-performance solution to ensure fast and stable internet connectivity even in the most remote areas. This modem opens up new possibilities for decentralized data collection and control in professional applications by offering a reliable communication bridge under the most demanding conditions.

Its compact design, housed in a 2TE enclosure, allows for seamless integration alongside existing Andino devices. This space-saving solution helps to minimize installation efforts and maintain the aesthetics of the overall system. Thanks to the included 15 cm USB cable, the modem can be easily and quickly connected to Andino devices, ensuring a high-quality connection for the transmission of large data volumes without performance losses.

This connectivity is particularly valuable in scenarios where a constant and fast internet connection is crucial for monitoring, controlling, and analyzing critical data. Whether in agriculture, industrial automation, or other fields where data collection and control must occur over great distances, the Andino 4G / LTE Modem offers a robust solution that proves its efficiency and performance.

In summary, the Andino 4G / LTE Modem presents an unparalleled solution for the challenges of remote communication and control. With its easy installation, high transmission speed, and reliable performance, it is an indispensable tool for modern, connected applications across a wide spectrum of professional environments.

Andino Pico 2 Pi

Brings the Raspberry Pi Pico into the form factor of the Pi 4.

The Andino Pico2Pi can be used with the Andino world via the normal header (2x20). This can be combined with the following products: Andino X1, Andino XIO, Andino IO.

The Pico 2 Pi can be used as a microcontroller replacement for all Raspberry applications.

In addition to this, a galvanically isolated RS485 interface is available as standard. Thus it is possible to program a Modbus RTU (Remote Terminal Unit).

Andino UPS

The Andino UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) offers a reliable solution for uninterrupted power supply, specifically designed to bridge short-term voltage drops. This feature allows for the controlled shutdown of systems to safely close applications, synchronize file systems, and prevent data loss. With Super-Caps as the energy storage, the Andino UPS is completely maintenance-free and supports a voltage of 24 volts both at input and output.

OEE-Box: The cost-effective acquisition of operrating data for your company

What is the OEE.Box ?

The OEE-Box is an intelligent solution of hardware and software that enables you to cost-effectively make your processes transparent. With the OEE-Box you can determine your individual operating data and make your processes more efficient! The OEE-Box determines your stoppages, clock losses, quantities and order times. Based on this, the degree of utilization, the degree of quality and finally the OEE of the respective production plant can be determined. In the long term, not only can you monitor your machine performance and plant utilization. It can also detect sources of loss in your process or sustainably increase plant efficiency.